Man in Wheelchair charged with DUI


Today an 87 year-old man is being charged with drinking and driving after driving his motorized wheelchair through local business outdoor displays.

Larry Johnson from Louisiana was coming back from Wednesday Night Bingo when he began driving 7m/h down his small-town sidewalk, causing chaos for families walking, knocking down displays of local-businesses, and nearly getting into a car accident when he failed to look both ways before crossing the street.

After witnesses contacted the Louisiana Police Department, it was discovered that Johnson’s blood alcohol level was twice the legal limit to operate a motorized wheelchair.

Larry Johnson claims that he had no idea that his town had a by-law prohibiting a person form operating a motorized wheelchair while drunk.

“No one told me about that”, says Johnson. “Besides, I’ve been driving my wheelchair from Bingo ever Wednesday night after having a beer or two for years and I’ve never been caught.”

Due to Johnson’s lack of a driver’s licence, officials say they are unable to give demerit points for his inappropriate actions. Instead, he must pay a $2,000 fine for public display of intoxication and will be forced to operate a manual wheelchair.


Thank you so much to the Comm. Tech class for this amazing adaptation of my news report!