“Dear Class of 2020 is a stellar piece of writing. My favorite on your blog. This should be performed as part of the graduation ceremony. I enjoyed reading pieces of yours. Keep up the good work.”

-A. Carnovale

Teacher Librarian


“The poems are funny but at the same time sad in a way. A wide audience of readers can relate! Journal entries are entertaining and well written. Great variety of perspectives. The voice of the author seems very sincere and authentic. This makes characters believable.”

-K. Poropat

Religion Teacher


“Daniela’s writing is vividly real and hauntingly unforgettable.”

-M. Giancola

English Teacher


“I really enjoyed this writing piece [Dear Class of 2020]. The words hit close to home, and it was very relatable to my feelings about approaching graduation in the spring. As exciting as it is to leave high school, it also means letting go and passing on the torch as this piece perfectly describes. Love it!

-Stephanie Chiarotto



“Daniela has an ability to evoke emotions you never though possible when you read her writing. She has a unique eloquence; one that is rarely seen in people her age, yet she masters it with grace and poise. Her pieces are always a joy to read, and you can look forward to great things from her.”


Fellow Blogger

Lost at Sea


She was like the ocean;

One step in and you could marvel at her beauty,

Step in too far and you would find yourself like a sailor lost at sea.

And today he was, unfortunately, that poor sailor;

Led on by her beauty,

Unaware of how dangerous she really was.


Everyone warned him and everyone saw it coming,

But he didn’t care.

He thought he had found new land when he met her,

And that he was so lucky.

She was his life raft, his safety.

He had no idea that she was really an iceberg.

On good days she was safe and harmless,

But one bad day and that iceberg would capsize

And take her sailor and the Titanic down with it.


Today was that day.


Everyone told him to prepare for the worst,

But he didn’t.

No life preserver, no back-up boat,

Not even his water wings to keep him afloat

From the chaos to come.

But even though she was dangerous,

Life-threatening and unreliable,

He didn’t care.

For he was the only one who looked past her bad days,

Only caring about the good.

He was different than anyone else.

He would try to keep the ice intact

While everyone else was on the shorelines letting her fall apart.

He loved and cared about who she was under the water-level,

Instead of only focusing on the tip of the iceberg.

People for the rest of his life would think he was crazy.

But it didn’t matter to him.

Because he would always remember the days

Of he, her sailor,

And she, his iceberg.



Hello. My name is Daniela Grace. I am a writer. Though I identify as a writer, I am a numbers person. I care about both sides equally, which is often thought of as strange. But it isn’t to me. In fact, I find it quite normal.

My motto is that there are two sides to every story. This is my creative side to the story. I feel that my writing also reflects this theme; there are always two perspectives, two views, two sides to the story, (to make things more complicated, sometimes there are more than just two!) This blog is my portfolio of my experiences exploring the 3-dimensional aspects that are story telling. Because to be frank, there is no right or wrong side to a story, it is always a matter of perspective thinking.