“Dear Class of 2020 is a stellar piece of writing. My favorite on your blog. This should be performed as part of the graduation ceremony. I enjoyed reading pieces of yours. Keep up the good work.”

-A. Carnovale

Teacher Librarian


“The poems are funny but at the same time sad in a way. A wide audience of readers can relate! Journal entries are entertaining and well written. Great variety of perspectives. The voice of the author seems very sincere and authentic. This makes characters believable.”

-K. Poropat

Religion Teacher


“Daniela’s writing is vividly real and hauntingly unforgettable.”

-M. Giancola

English Teacher


“I really enjoyed this writing piece [Dear Class of 2020]. The words hit close to home, and it was very relatable to my feelings about approaching graduation in the spring. As exciting as it is to leave high school, it also means letting go and passing on the torch as this piece perfectly describes. Love it!

-Stephanie Chiarotto



“Daniela has an ability to evoke emotions you never though possible when you read her writing. She has a unique eloquence; one that is rarely seen in people her age, yet she masters it with grace and poise. Her pieces are always a joy to read, and you can look forward to great things from her.”


Fellow Blogger